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Increase your efficiency & productivity

More time and higher productivity. With our DManager, you can design digital processes in your company. This allows you to boost productivity by using existing resources more efficiently. Our solutions give you more time for more important things.

Application examples from practice
  • Modeling of business processes
  • QM manuals
  • Development documentation from the idea to CE marking
  • Management system according to ISO standards such as ISO 13485

Transparent document processes

One of the biggest challenges is the company-wide document processes. The more complex and larger the company is, the more opaque these processes can become.
Exano helps you to optimize your processes and routine activities with its document management solution. With automated document processes, you will know every processing step of your documents in future. You also increase the flow of information in your company.


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Application examples

Documents are the central information carriers in companies. They are usually the impetus and guide for business processes of all kinds. We believe it is important to manage such documents efficiently in order to avoid incorrect activities that can slow down the overall process and make it unnecessarily expensive.
DManager is the solution for efficient enterprise content management and enables you to control the flow of information within your company in a structured manner.

With the help of our DManager, you can document all phases of product development from the idea to CE approval. All product revision documents are available at a glance.

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DManager is the perfect tool for companies that want to be certified or are already certified, and we use the platform to make documents available centrally and in paperless form in a valid version. The layout is adapted to your project.
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The basis for our DManager is the Microsoft SQL Server.

When programming software, we enter an absolutely virtual world. You cannot touch or see through the end product. You can only operate it. An outsider does not know what is going on in the background and how everything is structured. It is the programmer’s privilege to plan, program and control the system.
Due to the untouchable master plan of complex software, the programmer needs a special gift – namely the ability to abstract. This ensures order and clarity in the user’s world.